Making money from mobile games is not too difficult, but how to make a lot of money and make the most of the ability to make mobile game money is not everyone understands and applies.


In a recent survey, up to 47% of game developers earn less than 100 USD / month, 51.5% earn over 100 USD / month and only 1.5% earn a lot of money ( approximately) over 500,000 USD / month. Obviously, not many people can make money on mobile apps and mobile games from a few thousand dollars a month. To be able to reach the top of 1.5% or at least earn $ 1000-2000 / month requires a lot of conditions such as good content, attractive images, good marketing, suitable payment channels, etc.


If you already have a game with compelling content but do not know how to make money, refer to the following ways to make money:


1. Place ads in free games:


- Banner placed: Place banners of your in-game ad units that can bring about CMP about 0.2 - 2 $ depending on the player's location. If the game has many players from the US, UK can bring in $ 2 when the ad appears 1000 times, if the player is mainly from Vietnam, the number may be much lower. Flappy Bird has earned 50,000 USD / day just from placing ads.



- Set full banner: This is the optimal way to place a banner, this banner will be in full screen format and appear between each time the player loses or leveled up, the CPM index in this way can be up to $ 10 .


- Exit game ad: This is the type of ad appearing on a player's notification even though they have exited the game. This type of advertising is intended to increase the number of ad impressions, but you should also be careful because it will annoy users.


- Incentive format: This ad will appear and users who click on, or follow the ad's request will receive a few virtual items in the game such as number of plays, gold, money, etc. Effective for free games where players don't want to spend money actually buying virtual items.


- Video ad: This way is similar to Incentive ad, requires the player to watch the promotional video to receive the in-game reward.


2. Make money directly from downloading apps


- Upgrade to be full of features: Of course your game is still free but there will be limited features, to have this feature, players are required to upgrade to the premium version, thus, You will get money with every download. This method is quite popular for popular games like Fruit Ninja, Where is the water and so on.


- Upgrade to remove ads: Players hate ads, so give them solutions to remove ads by upgrading to the paid version for $ 0.99.


3. Make money on mobile games with in-app purchases:


This is the most popular way to make money and bring the best effect for game devs.



- Buy in-game items: Players must overcome difficult levels and burn necessary items. Put players in that situation and show them that they can buy more of these items, in addition, should be broken down into packages with different prices to suit each player's needs.


- Buy time in the game: The equipment upgrades need a certain amount of time and players will have to spend money if they do not want to wait too long. Clash of Clan - the highest revenue game is very successful with this way.


- Buy items to customize the character: Each player has a unique personality and they want to show this personality in the game. Please provide character customization features, equipped with items that players have to spend money.


- Promotion when buying items: Unique items will appear randomly when players buy different items in the game. This will stimulate players to spend more money to get really unique items.


- Set limits for items: In-game items such as equipment, weapons, skills will have a shelf life, players who want to use continue to spend money to extend the time.


3. Sell player data


This method is only suitable when you have a database of large numbers of players. Advertisers and marketers will buy this data to help develop the advertising system and optimize marketing campaigns.


4. Integrating multiple payment channels


In Vietnam, credit cards are rarely used, so choosing the payment channel through this method will not be effective (of course, it still must have). To be able to bring more options for gamers to recharge such as SMS, recharge scratch cards, internet banking, virtual wallets, game developers must integrate a lot of SDKs of payment parties because on the download stores. Internationally, such as Google Play, Apple App Store only supports credit card payment, this way is quite annoying in the process of integrating the SDK and making control with many different units.


However, game developers can minimize the payment process by putting the game on domestic download stores and attaching the SDK of only one third unit, these download stores. At that time, the downloader's SDK provided all the suitable payment solutions and it became easier to control them.


5. Enhancing activities inside and outside the game


These activities will help the game become more interesting and indirectly promote players to deposit more. In-game activities can be mentioned such as: Challenges between individuals, clans, guilds, giving daily gifts when logging in, sharing battle results on social networks etc.

If possible, the developer can organize external offline events, however, it should only be held offline when the game has a foothold in the market, with a large number of players and revenue. stability.





The above ways to make money from mobile games are popularly applied and brought in at home and abroad. However, that is not the only factor that makes a lot of money, if you have made a good game and are confident about your product, learn and apply the most appropriate way to make mobile game money. to maximize profits.


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